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Speed Monitors

Fit & Forget Technology!
A range of stopped motion, over or under speed monitors, designed and manufactured in the UK by SYNATEL. Available in self contained or modular (plug in base) form with separate proximity sensors. ATEX and IECEx approved sensors are available, which can also be used in non-approved applications.
Accessory items are also available, to allow easy fitting of sensors to shafts etc., without the need for additional guarding. (See Whirligig).
SYNATEL manufacture the UK’s largest range of industrial electronic sensing, counting and control equipment for industry, including ATEX and IECEx sensors, ATEX and IECEx components and switches, ATEX and IECEx enclosures.
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ROTASTOP SU1MZAI Stopped Motion Monitor EN 60079/IEC 60079 (Dust zone21/Gas zone1)

ROTASTOP SU1MZAI Stopped Motion Monitor
ATEX EN 60079/IECEx 60079
(Dust zone21/Gas zone1)

Rotastop SU1MZAI. An 18mm diameter, fully self contained unit, incorporating a proximity sensor & associated stopped motion circuitry. The output maintains it’s ‘on’ state whilst the target is moving. Manufactured by SYNATEL it is ideal for chain or gear driven shafts. ATEX EN60079 & IECeX IEC 60079 hazard area use approved.

Underspeed Monitor EN 60079/IEC 60079 (Dust zone20/Gas zone0)

ATEX EN 60079/IECEx 60079

The Rotaslip PU1TZAI/PU1TRHAI underspeed monitors from SYNATEL are designed to detect a stud or bolt on a shaft and indicates a fault condition (open circuit) if the input speed reduces by 20% or more below set running speed. Ideal for belt driven applications. ATEX EN 60079 & IECEx IEC 60079 dust & gas hazard area use approved.

ROTAMATIC PU1DR(A) Underspeed Monitor EN 50281 (Dust zone21) + Whirligig WG1

ROTAMATIC PU1DR Underspeed Monitor

Designed, manufactured & supplied by SYNATEL, the ROTAMATIC sensor is a moulded, DIN standard limit switch packaged underspeed monitor with relay output.
Output goes open circuit if input speed reduces by 20% of programmed speed setting.

Modular Stopped Motion Monitor

MODUSTOP LSM48 Modular Stopped Motion Monitor

A modular stopped motion monitor, designed by SYNATEL to work with a separate proximity sensor. Output goes open circuit after time period if incoming pulses stop.


MODUSLIP RMR48/T Modular Under/Overspeed Monitor

An Underspeed or Overspeed module in a 48mm DIN standard enclosure designed, manufactured & supplied by SYNATEL. Single pushbutton calibration for set running speed and start-up delay.

WHIRLIGIG Proximity Sensor Attachment Accessory EN 80079 (Dust zone20/Gas zone0) WG1

WHIRLIGIG WG1 Proximity Sensor/Speed Monitor Attachment Accessory
ATEX EN 80079 (Dust zone20/Gas zone0)

A low cost, fully contained speed monitoring attachment, allowing easy fitting of all SYNATEL 18/30mm diameter & DIN standard limit switch style inductive proximity sensors/speed monitors. ATEX mechanical approval.

WGHD Heavy Duty Whirligig

WGHD Heavy Duty Whirligig

WGHD Heavy Duty Whirligig: Heavy duty , all stainless steel construction, fully contained speed monitoring attachment, ideal for mine or quarry use. Allows easy fitting of all Synatel 12/18/30mm diameter inductive proximity sensors/speed monitors. Simple M16 fixing. Targets are fully enclosed and require no further guarding.

Speedmaster + Pulse Pilot

SPEEDMASTER SSM1 Sensor Calibration Checker/programmer

The SpeedMaster from SYNATEL is a test instrument designed to check the function and calibration of all types of SYNATEL speed monitors.
SPEEDMASTER SSM1 + PULSE PILOT PP1 – Speed/Switch point Calibration Checker (Ideal for Calibration/Auditing).

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