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MODUSTOP LSM48 Modular Stopped Motion Monitor

MODUSTOP LSM48 Modular Stopped Motion Monitor
A modular stopped motion monitor, designed by SYNATEL to work with a separate proximity sensor. Output goes open circuit after time period if incoming pulses stop. Non-contact, solid state unit. 48mm DIN enclosure. Adjustable input signal time delay with relay output. Works with any SYNATEL inductive sensor plus sensors with npn transistor or contact output. Ideal for gear and chain driven applications.


Supply110/230V 50/60Hz (24V dc optional)
OutputSPCO Relay rated @5A 240V max. non-inductive
Output StateOutput energised (ON) providing at least one input pulse is received within time period set on top plate of module.
Output de-energises if no pulses received within time period
Operating RangeDependant upon sensor used
Time DelayStandard input time delay = 1.5 to 15 sec
Other time delays available to order are: 0.3 to 3 sec, 3 to 30 sec or 6 to 60 sec
CalibrationAdjustable potentiometer sets input delay
Start-up DelayOutput energises for set time period and ignores incoming pulses,
allows machinery to reach normal running speed
IndicationLED indication of input pulses & output energised
Inputnpn transistor or contact input.
Any SYNATEL proximity sensor is suitable
Connection11 pin internation plug-in relay base
Supplied seperately
EnclosureMoulded Polycarbonate & Acrylic





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