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MODUSLIP RMR48/T Modular Under/Overspeed Monitor

MODUSLIP RMR48/T Modular Underspeed Overspeed Monitor
An Underspeed or Overspeed module in a 48mm DIN standard enclosure designed, manufactured & supplied by SYNATEL. Single pushbutton calibration for set running speed and start-up delay. Unit signals a fault condition at 20% from set running speed. Under or overspeed operation selected by a link. Input signal from npn proximity sensor or volt free contacts.


Supply110/230V ac 50/60 Hz
OutputSPCO Relay rated @ 5A 240V max. non-inductive
Output StateOutput energised (ON) at set running speed,
de-energised if rotation reduces by 20% or more below set speed
Operating RangeDependant upon sensor used
Speed Range10-10,000 ppm (pulses per minute)
CalibrationStart-up delay & set running speed user programmable via pushbutton
Start-up DelayProgrammable start-up delay. Output energises for set time period & ignores incoming pulses,
allows machinery to achieve normal running speed. Max delay 30 sec
IndicationLED indication of input pulses & output energised
Inputnpn transistor or contact input.
Any SYNATEL dc inductive sensor is suitable
Connection11 pin international plug-in relay base
Supplied seperately
EnclosureMoulded Polycarbonate & Acrylic





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