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WHIRLIGIG WG1 Proximity Sensor/Speed Monitor Attachment Accessory
ATEX EN 80079 (Dust zone20/Gas zone0)

ATEX ApprovedWHIRLIGIG Proximity Sensor Attachment Accessory EN 80079 (Dust zone20/Gas zone0)
A low cost, fully contained speed monitoring attachment, allowing easy fitting of all SYNATEL 18/30mm diameter & DIN standard limit switch style inductive proximity sensors/speed monitors. Simple M12 fixing (Magnetic mounting available as an option). Targets are fully enclosed and require no further guarding. ATEX mechanical approval. Comes complete with fixing strap & 18/30mm mounting bracket to enable use with any sensor.


Pulse TargetsLocated under main cover.
Choice of 1, 2, 4 or 8 pulses per revolution
Mounting ThreadM12 x 1.75mm x 18mm deep, drilled in centre of shaft to be monitored.
Alternatively, Magcon magnetic mount available to remove the need to drill hole
FixingIn addition to M12 thread above,
fixing strap supplied to be fitted on static part of machinery to prevent base rotation when machine turned on
BracketSupplied. Suitable for fixing 18/30mm inductive based sensors
Screws supplied for where required
Suitable for use with:All SYNATEL18/30mm Inductive based sensors, plus DIN standard Limit switch style proximity sensors/underspeed monitors
ApprovalexII 1G Ex h IIC T5 Ga (Zone 0)
exII 1D Ex h IIIC T100°C Da (Zone 20)
Tamb = -15°C to +50 IP40
(Dust zone 20/Gas zone 0)




MagCon Attachment




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