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OPTIBEAM 18mm dia. Sensors

OPTIBEAM 18mm dia. photoelectric Sensors
The Optibeam range are a low cost range of 18mm sensors in through beam, non-polarised retro-reflex and reflex formats. These units provide a very cost effective solution to a wide range of different applications throughout industry. Ideal for object detection on conveyors etc. 10-30V dc operation with transistor output. Reflector supplied where required.


Supply10-30V dc
OutputFully protected, opto-isolated transitor.
Rated @ 100mA 30V dc max
Output ModeNormally energised (ON),
or normally de-energised (OFF)
by linking a wire to either + or - supply connection
IndicationOutput state LED
Ambient Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Connection2 meter, PVC sheathed. Unscreened
Operating RangeDependant upon type, see chart below
Sensitivity0-100% on Receiver, Reflex & Retro reflex models
PRN1MType: ReflexOutput: npnWeight: 100gRange: 0.4M
PRP1MType: ReflexOutput: pnpWeight: 100gRange: 0.4M
PDN1MType: Retro reflexOutput: npnWeight: 100gRange: 2.0M
PTP1MType: ReceiverOutput: pnpWeight: 100gRange: 8.0M
PL1MType: EmitterNo OutputWeight: 100gUse with PTP1M





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