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MODULIGHT PMD3 Modular PE System

MODULIGHT PMD3 Modular PE System/sensors
The Modulight PMD3 + associated heads consists of separate sensing heads used with a panel mounted, 11 pin plug-in control module. Manufactured by SYNATEL the units operate over a range of 20mm to 8 metres. Module incorporates time delays and gain control as standard. Relay output. 110/230V ac supplies as standard. Other voltages available.11 pin relay base connections. Multiple uses depending upon sensor type used, typically: object detection on conveyors, vehicle/people detection through door ways, product detection on bowl feeders etc.
PMD3 is DIN standard 48 x 48mm enclosure, ideal for panel mounting. Internation 11 pin plug-in base connection. Input derived from sensor heads (see list). Relay output SPCO 240V 3A non-inductive max. 110/230V ac supplies in same unit. Adjustable sensitivity & time delays (0-15 sec standard).
Sensor Heads:
SSL/SSR7 – Through beam sensors. 7mm diameter lens (8mm overall diameter), smooth, aluminium body. 2 metre cable. Range: 1.25M
SSL/R7RR – Through beam sensors. 7mm diameter lens. Right angle viewing. ½” BSC fitting (with 2 x locknuts supplied). Aluminium & plated brass construction. 2 metre cable. Range: 1.25M
SSL/SSR13 – Through beam sensors. 13mm aluminium lens hood, ½” BSC mounting (with 2 x locknuts supplied) brass plated. 2 meter cable. Range: 4M
SSL/SSR26 – Through beam sensors. 26mm moulded lens hood, ½” BSC mounting (with 2 x locknuts supplied) brass plated. 2 meter cable. Range: 8M
SSF2B – Reflex Sensor. Moulded enclosure. 2 meter cable. Range: typically 50mm off matt white paper.


Modular Sensor Heads
- Specification
Emitter SSL7
Receiver SSR7
Range: 1.25MWeight: 70gEnclosure:
Anodised Aluminium
Emitter SSL7RR
Receiver SSR7RR
Range: 1.25MWeight: 90gEnclosure:
Brass/Anodised Aluminium
Emitter SSL13
Receiver SSR13H
Range: 4.0MWeight: 90gEnclosure:
Brass/Anodised Aluminium
Emitter SSL26
Receiver SSR26H
Range: 8.0MWeight: 100gEnclosure: Brass/Nylon
Reflex SSF2BRange: 50mm max. typically 25mm.Weight: 95gEnclosure:
Moulded Polycarbonate
PMD3 Module
- Specification
Supply110/230V ac 50/60Hz, 3VA
OutputSPCO Relay. 240V 3A non-inductive
Output ModeNormally de-enetrgised,
(output OFF with beam broken).
For reverse operation, normally ON with beam broken,
add suffix 'X' after model number (PMD3X)
Ambient Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Operating Speed5 per second maximum
Operating RangeDependant upon head used from chart above
Connection/Termination11 pin internation plug-in relay base
Supplied seperately
IndicationOutput energised (ON) LED
EnclosureMoulded polycarbonate & Acrylic





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