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DIGIMATIC DML4W Capacitance Level Control

DIGIMATIC DML4W Capacitance Level Control
The Digimatic DML4W is a fixed point capacitive level control suitable for detecting liquids, powders & granular solids.
Ideal for use in non-hazardous applications.
Automatic high/low level calibration with full manual override. LED display shows calibration & run mode readings.
110/230 Vac/24 Vdc supply connections in same unit. Volt free, change over relay output. Power shield compensator, prevents false signalling due to material build-up on probe rod. Adjustable timer to prevent false signalling from ‘splashing’ materials. Available with long or short power shield or flush probe mounting options. Simple calibration (Various length probe available). Mounting flange available as an option.


Supply110/230V ac, 24V dc
in same unit
Load1.5A max, 50Ma dc
Ambient Temperature-20°C to +50°C
OutputSPCO relay rated @ 2.5A 240V ac
Output ModeSwitch selectable for normally ON (high level)
or normally OFF (low level
CalibrationMembrane pushbuttons with LED display
Automatic calibration with full manual override
IndicationDigital display for calibration & run mode settings,
plus Power, Timer & Output LED's
Mounting1" BSP Male
Mounting flange available as option
CompensatorPowershield compensates for material build-up between probe & vessel wall (earth.ground).
Prevents false signalling. Ideal for sticky or viscous materials
WeightDML4W - 2Kg
Options/TypesStandard: DML4W
Short Powershield: DML4S
plus rods (see below)
Flush Mounting: DML4F
Probes/Rods/OptionsProbe Rods
100mm x 22mm dia. - 822-006
200mm x 16mm dia. - 822-005
1000mm (1mtr) x 16mm dia. - 822-003
2000mm (2mtr) x 16mm dia. - 822-004
10mtr S/S wire rope & weight assembly - 823-004
(1mtr rod , 2mtr rod & 10mtr wire rope assembly can all be cut to suitable length on site)
Ancilliary Parts
1" bsp probe mounting flange
Probe Mounting Flange 98mm dia, - Polypropylene, consists of
4 x 9mm mounting holes on 127 PCD, 1" BSP fitting for probe unit


DML4W Dimensions


Probe Rod options


DML4W Connections


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