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12/06/2017 IS SYNATEL HAUNTED? A Ghostly Tale

SYNATELWhen they were younger lads (and many years ago! Circa 1977-ish), Paul Rose and Steve Wright used to ‘go back’ to work, after their evening tea meal, to perform some additional overtime.
They worked most weekday evenings for a few months due to excessive workload.
They were situated at the top end of one of the production bays, near the entrance doors and windows. The only other window and emergency exit (which was always kept closed and locked at that time of night) was at the bottom of the bay. There were rows of work benches and storage racks along the length, but a clear view down each isle.
Both members of staff, on different occasions, experienced seeing what can only be described as an older man walking along the bottom of the bay. He would be visible through the corner of the eye whilst working, but upon looking down the bay there was no one there, other than occasionally seeing a white floating mist which faded.
No harm came to the works and they never felt threatened by this ‘late night watchman’!

Posted by: Steve W on 12th June 2017 @ 11:59 am
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